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Applied Cell Biology also offering a membership program, to initiate and accomplish the vision of making Healthcare & Scientific Information Open Access, enables academic and research institutions, societies, groups, funding organizations and corporations to actively support Open Access in scholarly publishing and also support the participation of its representatives and students in International conferences. Applied Cell Biology offers distinct benefits to academic, government, universities and corporate libraries as well as to authors, editors and readers upon associating with the Journal.

  • Membership holders of this journal can submit an unlimited number of articles to our Journal in a year*.
  • Member has a privilege to avail a prestigious certificate of Annual membership from Journal.
  • Entrepreneurial, personalized approach to the publishing process
  • High media visibility and discoverability of published content
  • Publications with high-quality guided by international researchers and experts
  • Flexible licensing agreements
  • Serve the Editorial Board as reviewer or member for Applied Cell Biology

*Members who register for an annual membership subscription are expected to abide to the terms and conditions mentioned herewith:

  1. The maximum allowed accepted papers are 28 in a year for both Individual and institutional.
  2. The individual member is expected to be a corresponding author for any paper that is submitted under this criterion.
  3. The membership subscribed for less than 12 months is considered on prorate basis to fulfill the 28 papers criteria.
  4. Membership holders should pay 20% APC for major revision articles.
Membership Price
Individual membership USD 6000 £ 5500
University department USD 7000 £ 6500
Institute/University USD 8000

£ 7500

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