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Sialochemistry: Intracellular enzymes & fluoride in periodontitis

Ghalaut Pankaj, Kaur Ramanjit, Singh Ragini, Veena S.Ghalaut, Bansal Piyush, Manjubala

1Dept. ofPeriodontics,Govt.DentalCollegeRohtak, (INDIA)
2Dept. ofBiochemistry,PGIMS,Rohtak, (INDIA)
3Dept. ofPathology,PGIMS,Rohtak, (INDIA)


Sialochemistry provides important information in making a diagnosis and explaining the pathogenesis in a variety of oral and systemic conditions. Study of changes in the enzymatic activity in saliva due to pathological and metabolic changes in the gingiva and periodontium in response of an organism to the periodontal infectionmay help in accurate assessment of the pathology and provide a non-invasive and convenient diagnostictool.While fluoride has been considered a protective element itmay itself be involved in pathogenesis or its levels may serve as a marker of periodontal pathology.
Intracellular enzymes and fluoride levels were estimated in 30 healthy adult (volunteers) of both sexes of age group 18 – 40 years and 30 persons, of both sexes, aged 18 – 40 years, with periodontal disease. A significant increase in activity of LDH, AST, ALT and ALP was observed in saliva fromthe patients with periodontal disease in relation to the control group. Fluoride levels were also significantly raised in saliva of the patients with periodontal disease in comparison to the control group.

Sialochemistry; Intracellular enzymes; Fluoride; Periodontitis.
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