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Protective effects of Pieris rapae extracts on cell and DNA damages induced by oxidative stress

Jae-Hwan Lim, Jee-In Kim, Young Mi Park, Eul Won Seo

1Department ofBiological Science,AndongNationalUniversity,Andong 760-749, (REPUBLICOFKOREA)
2Department of Biochemistry andCell Biology, SkeletalDiseasesGenome ResearchCenter, School ofMedicine, KyungpookNationalUniversity,Daegu 700-422, (REPUBLICOFKOREA)


Here we showed the protective effects of extracts of Pieris rapae on both cell and DNAdamages caused by oxidative stress.Antioxidant properties of P. rapae extracts against DPPH and hydroxyl radical using radical scavenging assay determined at 78.8% and 70.8%, respectively, of those with ascorbic acid as a positive control. And the ferrous iron chelating activitywas shown 78.3%compared to the level of activitywhen EDTAas a control was treated. In order to verify the inhibitory effects on oxidative cell damages induced by reactive oxygen species, lipid peroxidation assay was also performed and it showed that peroxidation was completely inhibited in extracts-treated group compared to the only radical treated group. And the level of p21 protein expression was restored to 50.6% of p21 protein expression in the control sample. Also, the DNA cleavageinhibiting property in P. rapae extractswas calculated to the level of 74.8% compared to that of the control group. Moreover, the phosphorylation in H2AX protein was reduced to 20.5% of that treated with radical agents, indicates that the extracts might have an inhibitory activity on DNA damages caused radical oxidation. Taken together, our findings suggest that the extracts from P. rapae have effective agents in not only repressing the oxidation by free oxygen radicals and hydroxyl radicals, but also decreasing cell and DNA damages caused by oxidative stress.

Antioxidant activity; Hydroxyl radical; Oxidative stress; Pieris rapae; H2AX phosphorylation
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