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Morphological variations in manna ash (Fraxinus ornus L.) Families: Fifth year field test

Selin Tekocak, Nebi Bilir

Faculty ofForestry, SuleymanDemirelUniversity, Isparta, (TURKEY)


Seedling height, root collar diameter, number of branches longer than 5 cm, and also survival were examined in Manna ash (Fraxinus ornus L.) families to determine variations among families, to estimate narrow-sense heritability (hi 2), and correlations for the characteristics based on progeny trial of fifth year field test. Average number of branches was 18.9 varied between 15.3 and 23.8. Survival was 80.8% in polled families. It varied between 65%and 95.2%in the families.Averages of the height and diameter were 149.5 cm and 24.3 mm, respectively. However there were large differences among families andwithin family for seedling height and diameter. It was also supported by results of analysis of variance. The characteristics were not heritable which were found close to zero. Results of correlation analysis showed significant (p<0.05) phenotypic correlations between the characters.

Ash; Branch; Correlation; Diversity; Seedling; Survival.
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