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How the genetic code sees the right amino acid at a nanoscale distance?

Alexander A.Tulub

1Centre for InterdisciplinaryComputational andDynamicalAnalysis,University ofManchester, OxfordRoad,Manchester,M13 9PL,Manchester, (UK)
2Saint-Petersburg StateUniversity,Universitetskaya Emb. 7/9, 199034, (RUSSIA)


How the genetic code is coupled with the protein synthesis at a nanoscale distance is shrouded in mystery. Here we showthat the coupling stems froma spin current and its polarization. The codon sends a spin of a certain orientation to the tRNA end. The spin recognizes its counterpart on the amino acid. If the spins are of opposite direction, the synthesis is allowed; if not, the synthesis is forbidden. The rule is flawless and rests on quantum computational experiment.

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