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Genetic variation within and among some Lactuca spp. based on karyotype analysis

Reda H.Sammour*, Salwa Badr, Abd.El-Zaher Mustafa, Mohammed El-Esawi

BotanyDepartment,Faculty of Science,TantaUniversity,Tanta, (EGYPT)


This study aimed at assessing the relationships and genetic variation within and among Lactuca species based on karyological features, defined for 40 accessions represented 10 species. All the studied species were diploids with 2n = 18. Two pairs of satellites was observed in L. sativa, L. serriola, L. saligna and L. indica and one pair in L. virosa, L. dregeana, L. perennis, L. altaica and L. viminea. The cluster analysis of the collected data for the forty accessions demonstrated a significant inter and intra-specific differences for all variablesmeasured. L. sativa and L. serriola had similar karyotypes, suggesting that L. sativa derived from L. serriola.

Karyotype; Lactuca; Asteraceae; Genetic diversity.
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