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Frequency of S447X lipoprotein lipase and -514C>T hepatic lipase gene polymorphism amongst Indian sickle cell patients

S.Pandey, R.Saxena, R.M.Mishra, U.K.Chauhan, M.Sharma, Sw.Pandey

1Dept ofHematology,All India Institute ofMedical Sciences,AnsariNagar,New Delhi-110029, (INDIA)
2Dept ofEnvironmentalBiology,APSUniversity,Rewa - 486003, (INDIA)
3Centre for Biotechnology Studies,APSUniversity,Rewa - 486003, (INDIA)
4Dept ofHematology, SafdarjungHospital,AnsariNagar,New Delhi - 110029, (INDIA)


Study states the lipoprotein lipase and hepatic lipase gene polymorphism may be associated in cardio vascular disease. Thus our aim was to evaluate the frequency of LPL and HL polymorphism in Indian sickle cell patients and their clinical outcomes. We had evaluated 162 sickle patients and 170 controls to compare the frequency. Study reported the similar frequency amongst patients and controls. Their was no clinical association of these gene variant and cardiac risk factor in sickle patients.

LPL; HL; SCD; Polymorphism.
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