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PrfA protein of L. monocytogenes functions as a main factor required for the differential expression of bacterial virulence gene products

Ciamak Ghazaei

Department of Microbiology, University of Mohaghegh Ardabili, Ardabil, P.O. Box 179, (IRAN)


PrfA protein is a transcriptional activator essential for L. monocytogenes pathogenicity and virulence upon invasion of mammalian cells. Its functional activity is better accomplished when it interacts and forms complexes with the prf-A dependant gene promoters like prfAP1/2, plcA, hly and others. PrfA is thought to acquire special functions required for differential expression of bacterial virulence gene products. This could occur when L. monocytogenes is primed by environmental cues which might enable the pathogen adapt to the survival challenges and succeed in virulence induction in the host. In addition, emerging mutant strains of PrfA have also turned out to exhibit differential activity in DNA binding and transcription activities. This could indicate that PrfA protein of L. monocytogenes has evolved in its associations with the gene promoters that lead to diverse outcomes related to the bacterial gene virulence. The differential role of PrfA in promoting virulent gene expression has implications in studying the functional outcomes of PrfA-novel gene promoter complexes in a given pathogenic environment.

PrfAprotein; L. monocytogenes; Promoters; Differential expression; Virulence
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