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Non selective cancer cell killing by PLE extract of Zingiber zerumbet rhizome and its mode of cell death assessment

M.N.Norfazlina, M.Y.Farida Zuraina, N.F.Rajab, S.Mohd Nazip, A.R.Rumiza, C.F.Suziana

1Faculty ofApplied Sciences,UniversitiTeknologiMARA, 40450 ShahAlam, Selangor, (MALAYSIA)
2ToxicologyLaboratory, Faculty ofHealth Sciences,UniversitiKebangsaanMalaysia, JalanRajaMudaAbdulAziz, 50300 KualaLumpur,WilayahPersekutuan, (MALAYSIA)


Zingiber zerumbet (Zz) is amedicinal herb that has been used for centuries to heal diseases. Here, the cytotoxicity of Pressurize Liquid Extraction (PLE) of Zz rhizome to human myeloid leukemia (HL60) and Chinese’s hamster fibroblast (V79) cells were investigated. Treatment of HL60 cells with hexane (HEX) and ethanol (ET) extract of Zz rhizome was compared with doxorubicin (DOX). The toxicity of Zz extracts was essentially the same as that of doxorubicin to HL60 cells, but doxorubicin is much more effective to inhibit the growth of theHL60 cell line thanZz rhizome extracts. HEX extract of Zz rhizome also toxic on normal V79 cells and exhibited non selective activity.Mode of cell death regulated by HEX extract of Zz rhizome on HL60 cells were necrosis and apoptosis.

Zingiber zerumbet (Zz); Pressurize liquid extraction (PLE); Humanmyeloid leukemia (HL60); Chinese hamster fibroblast (V79); Doxorubicin (DOX).
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