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Isozymes variation among andwithin accessions of Lathyrus sativus

Reda Helmy Sammour, Abd-El-Zaher A.Mustafa, Walla Taher, Salwa Badar

1Botany andMicrobiologyDepartment,Faculty ofScience,King SaudUniversity,Riyadh, (SAUDIARABIA)
2BotanyDepartment,Faculty of Science,TantaUniversity,Tanta, (EGYPT)


This study aims at exploraing genetic diversity between and within sixteen accessions of L. sativus using four isozyme systems; Amylase, Phosorelase, â- esterase and á-esterase. The four isozyme systems were examined for fromfive to ten seedlings of each accessions.All isozymeswere polymeric in at least one accession. They are encoded with 12 locimigrated anodally. The total alleles of isozymes were 34. The total number of alleles in each accession for the 12 loci ranged from 24 to 32 with a mean of 27.5 (total = 34). The heterogenesty of all accessions were studied using Hardery Weinbring expectations test, and estimated the genetic structure of accession by using Nei genetic diversity statistics. F statistics were also calculated for all accessions. They indicated that the mean breeding index was significantly higher than zero (0.399). The relationship between the accession size and the mean number of alleles per locuswas significant. On the contrary the proportion of polymorphic loci and the heterozygosity observed with population size were non significant. The presented data indicated that about 50%of the total genetic diversity detected was interaaccessional while the 50%was inter-accessional. It was also indicated that the high level of gene flow revealed could be due to the high percent of out-crossing. Significant correlation was also found between the size of the accessions and their level of genetic variations.

Polymorphic loci; Nei genetic diversity; F statistics; Total heterozygosity (HT); Intra accessional genetic diversity (HS); Inter-accessional genetic diversity (DST); Fixation index.
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