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H63D and C282Y HFE gene frequency in healthy population of Kol tribal in Madhya Pradesh, India

Sw.Pandey, S.K.Pandey, U.K.Chauhan, R.M.Mishra, M.Sharma

1Centre forBiotechnology studies,Awadhesh Pratap SinghUniversity,Rewa -486003,M.P., (INDIA)
2Department ofEnvironmentalBiology,Awadhesh Pratap SinghUniversity,Rewa -486003,M.P., (INDIA)
3Department ofHematology, SafdarjungHospital,NewDelhi-110029, (INDIA)


HFE gene involve in ironmetabolismwhile altered ironmetabolismdue to HFE gene mutation have been reported. Thus with the aim of the frequency of HFE gene mutation and iron status in Kol tribal had been explored. Study subject were 250 healthy Kol tribal. Frequency of H63Dmutation was present significantlywhile C282Y was also reported in heterozygous condition. Iron status was significantly high with HFE mutant condition than without presence of HFE mutation.

HFE; Iron; Kol; Tribal.
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