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Genotoxic effect of sea weed liquid fertilizer on Allium cepa L.

R.Anitha, K.Mahalakshmi

Department of PlantBiology and Plant Biotechnology, EthirajCollege forWomen, Ethiraj salai, Egmore,Chennai-600 008, INDIA


Seaweed Liquid fertilizers are beneficial when used in low concentration. The present study attempts to understand the genotoxic effect at higher concentrations. The studied lowconcentration of 10%V/Vhad no negative effect on the mitotic index, however abnormalities in the nucleus and chromosome was evident. Higher concentration induced abnormalities like multiple vacuolation, increase in mitotic index, condensation of cytoplasm,micronuclei formation and chromosomal aberrations. The study reveals that higher concentration reduces the mitotic index and therefore affect the growth and development of the crop plants.

Sea weed liquid fertilizer; Mitotic index; Genotoxicity; Chromosomal aberrations; Allium cepa.
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