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Expression of key circadian genes as well as protein kinase NUAK2 as sensitive markers of in vivo toxic action of methyl tertial butyl ether

Oleksandr H.Minchenko, Oleksandr P.Yavorovsky, Yuriy O.Paustovsky, Nadia M.Lypova, Dmytro O.Minchenko

1Department ofMolecularBiology, Palladin Institute ofBiochemistry,NationalAcademy of Sciences ofUkraine, Kyiv01601, (UKRAINE)
2BogomoletsNationalMedicalUniversity,Kyiv, (UKRAINE)


Circadian regulatory factors are the molecular components of biological clock, which play an important role in the regulation ofmost physiological and metabolic processes in the organism. We studied the effect of methyl tert-butyl etheron the expression level of PER1, ARNTL, CLOCK, and CSNK1E mRNA, which are the most important factors of the circadian clock, as well as protein kinase NUAK2. It was shown that the expression level of all these genes is significantly increased in lung and liver of rats, treated for the period of one month with the maximumpermissible dose of methyl tert-butyl ether. Results of this investigation demonstrate that low dose of methyl tert-butyl ether affects the expression level of NUAK2,CSNK1E, PER1, BMAL1, and CLOCKgenes. This could be important sensitive markers oftoxic action on the organism of methyl tertbutyl ether and possibly otherecologically dangerous chemical compounds.

Methyl tert-butyl ether; Gene expressions; CSNK1E; NUAK2; Circadian genes; Lung; Liver; Rats
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