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Effect of synthesized dipeptide L-Leu-Lys on cell proliferation and apoptosis in organotypic tissue culture from rat spleen


Pavlov Institute of Physiology of Russian Academy of Sciences, Sanct-Petersburg, 199034, Nab.Makarova 6, (RUSSIA)


The effect of first synthesized dipeptide L-Leu-Lys was studied on cell proliferation and apoptosis using the organotypic culture of spleen tissue from 3-mont-old rats. The dipeptide at concentrations in diapason 0.001 -10 ng/ml produce a clearly defined stimulating effect on cell proliferation in these tissues, accompanying by an increase of expression of Ki67 and decrease of P53 expression. One can suppose that this dipeptide with high biological activity create the base for the further experiments in laboratory animals and clinical trials for investigation of their effect on the immune system.

Dipeptide; Leucine; Lysine; Spleen; Tissue culture.
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