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Applications of inhibitory intra-ovarian factor(s) in reproductive biotechniques to augment fertility in ruminants

S.Nandi, V.Girish Kumar, U.S.Pavana Shree

1Veterinary college,KVAFSU,Bangalore campus, Bangalore-560024, INDIA
2National Institute ofAnimalNutrition and Physiology, Bangalore-560030, INDIA


In the past, it was postulated that it is the extra follicular factors that have an important role on ovarian physiology and/or follicle growth. Later on, experiments revolving around dominant and subordinate follicles established the importance of intrafollicular factors on follicle growth. However, further experiments Led to the hypothesis that there exists intra follicular factors present in antral as well as preantral follicles that have role in follicle growth and intra follicular factors which are not necessarily stimulatory but also inhibitory in nature with respect to follicle growth. Studies indicated apart from stimulatory peptides, folliculogenesis was also modulated by inhibitory factors like oocyte maturation inhibitor, inhibin, FSH suppressing factor, follicle regulatory protein, FSH binding inhibitor, fibronectin inhibitory protein, aromatase inhibitor, inhibin binding protein, anti-mullerian hormone. The mechanisms where by locally produced bioactive molecules (intraovarian factors) regulate the ovarian follicular development and atresia is now the focus of research.We characterized ovine follicular fluid, identified and characterize a bioactive molecule in the ovary and demonstrated the physiological roles in follicular and oocyte development or atresia. Our study demonstrated the identification in follicular fluid of a novel 30.1 kDa peptide with non-species specific FSH-suppressing activity. Our results may be useful for the development of reproductive technologies to augment reproduction inmammals. The studymay also contribute to understand the substrates to which oocytes and follicular somatic cells are exposed to in vivo in follicular fluid and may improve the culture conditions of oocytes and follicular somatic cells.

Inhibitory ovarian peptides; Biotechnology; Reproduction
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