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An Investigative Study into the C. flumenia and its Interactions with its Surrounding Ecosystem

Sumer Sandhu, Aarav Sandhu, Akshay Jakkidi Reddy, Himanshu Wagh

App Cell Biol | Open Access | 10.53043/2320-1991.acb90007

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Rapid Label-free Nanotechnological Immunoassay for Analysis of Candidate Malaria Vaccines

Giulio Brunetti, Annalisa De Pastina and Martin Hegner*

App Cell Biol | Open Access | 10.53043/2320-1991.acb90006

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A Quantitative Analysis on the Effect of Varying Nitrate Concentrations on pH levels on the Growth of Algae

Nathaniel Tak, Pranshu Wagh, Sumer Sandhu, Akshay Reddy, Himanshu Wagh*

App Cell Biol | Open Access | 10.53043/2320-1991.acb90005

Abstract | PDF | Full-Text

A Comparison of DASH Scores Resulting from Different Treatment Options for the Intra-articular Distal Radius Fracture in the  Geriatric Population

Himanshu Wagh, Akshay Jakkidi Reddy

App Cell Biol | Open Access | 10.53043/2320-1991.acb90004

Abstract | PDF | Full-Text

Vital Phenomena vs. Vital Signs

Leon Lau, MD, Wang Lau*, PhD.

App Cell Biol | Open Access | 10.53043/2320-1991.acb90003

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